Teacher Tables

Teacher Tables

1)  Overview Report shows student category averages as a percent for each student as well as their Overall and Overall + bonus percentages.  At the bottom of the table you can check the class average in each column as well as the average number of scoring events per student.

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2) Titled Events Report shows student scores from the On-task category in which the learning event was given a tile (instead of being scored under the “General” heading).  These scores show up in boxes which means they are editable by the account holder.

3)  Effort Awards Report displays EA’s Awarded versus EA’s possible and Bonus earned.

4)  Effort Achievers Report shows an honor roll for effort.  Class Effort Index utilizes the number of Effort Achievers and their rankings to calculate a class achievement value.  A perfect CEI is 3.0.

5)  Scores By Date Reportuse this report to view or edit student scores.  Use the search box to show all scores for a given student.