Teaching Teams

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Setting up classes and students for teaching teams

To establish expectations across classes and to consolidate Student Report pages, it is advantageous for teachers who see the same students to open up just one Effort Tracker account.

As an example, lets say a four-person teaching team agrees to use the Effort Tracker program.  Here are the steps to follow to set up the single account that will be used by all four team members.  (The steps are the same for two, three, etc. teams.)

The Steps

A) Choose one of the four teachers to be the Administrator of the account.  The Administrator uses an email account and selects a password for the team.  (To make signing in to the account easier, pick the shortest/easiest email address available.)

B) The Administrator follows the steps in “How to setup classes and students” to set up their own classes first.

C) The Administrator receives class lists from the other three teachers.  The Administrator firsts adds the a second set of class names (e.g. L. Arts classes) and then, from the “All Classes” tab, checks the correct boxes to put each student in their L. Arts class.  In the example below, the L. Arts classes have been added to the Science classes.  So far, this is a two-person team.

Two classes

D) The Administrator repeats Step C for the third team member.  And then the fourth.

Three Team membersFour team members

E) The image below shows a Student Report that consolidates all four classes.

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