How to remove, move, or add a student to a class

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How to remove, move, or add students to a class

Student names are not ever deleted from the program but they can be removed from class lists in two ways.

1) All student may be removed by creating a new Time Period.  See the second arrow in the image below.  This is explained in: How to create a new Time Period (or switch to a previous Time Period)

Keep or not to keep


2) Go to Setup/Students and uncheck the correct box.

The Steps

A) Using a desktop or laptop computer, select Setup from the tab choices

Setup tab

B) From the Setup choices, select Students



C) With the All Classes tab selected, the plan is to remove Halle from P1 Science and add her to P4 Science and to remove Hillary from P6 Math.


D) The following image shows the plan has been completed.  Remember to press the Update All button after you have made all your changes.



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