Setting up Classes and Students

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How to setup Classes and Students

A) Using a desktop or laptop computer, select Setup from the tab choices

Setup tab


B) Complete Steps 1 and 2 (that are listed in the image).  Review “C” below before completing Step 3



C) Enter student names only once.  If some or your students are in more than one of your classes, you will add them to those classes as shown in “D” below.  Click on one of your class tabs and enter students by typing each name or cut and paste a group of names (Lastname Firstname).  In the image below, the teacher is adding students to their P1 Science class.

Adding students

D) In the example below, a teacher has entered all of their students for Science periods 1, 2, and 4.  This teacher sees some of their science students again in either Math period 6 or Math period 7.  So with the “All Classes” tab selected, they simply check the boxes for the correct class for each of the students that they teach for more than one class.  George B is in both P2 Science and P6 Math, Katy C is in P4 Science and P7 Math.

adding students to MC

Your Done!

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