Changing Time Periods

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Creating a new Time Period (or switching to a previous Time Period)

Time Periods denote a segment of time in the school year.  Teachers switch from one Time Period to another so that Effort Scoring can start over.  One example would be when switching from Quarter 1 to Quarter 2.  When a new Time Period is activatedall scores and percentage calculations inside Data Reports are cleared.  This data is not lost – you can always activate a particular Time Period to review data.  

Some teachers run a Time Period for an entire quarter, some start a new Time Period every few weeks.  Here are the steps to create a new Time Period, or activate a previous Time Period.

The Steps

A) Using a desktop or laptop computer, select Setup from the tab choices


B) From the Setup choices, choose Time Periods

Time Periods

C) To activate a different Time Period, click on one of the “Make Current” links

Make Current


D) To create a new Time Period click on “New Time Period”

New Time Period


E) Decide on a name for your new Time Period. (In the image below, “Quarter 4” is the name chosen for the new Time Period.  If you plan to have more than one Time Period per quarter you may want to choose names such as Quarter 4.0, Quarter 4.25, Quarter 4.5, etc.

Before creating the new Time Period, decide whether or not you want to keep your current classes and students (students stay, data is cleared out).  See the arrows in the image below.  If you are continuing with the same students choose “Keep”, if the majority of your classes or students will be new, choose “DO NOT KEEP”.  If you do not keep the previous classes and students, you will need to create new classes and add students (see How to setup classes and students).

After you have decided to Keep or Not to Keep, select the “Create Time Period” button

NOTE: Newly created Time Periods automatically become the “Current” or activated Time Period

Keep or not to keep

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