Effort Tracker Basics

1) How to setup classes and students
2) How to setup classes and students for teaching teams
3) How to create a new Time Period (or switch to a previous Time Period)
4) How to remove, move, or add a student to a class


Over the next few months we will be adding to our screencast selections.

1. Introduction to Effort Tracker™ (9:34)
2. Setting up Classes/Subjects and Students (4:04)
3. The Participation Category (6:18)

Support Documents

1. Teacher Manual
2. Effort Award Template
3. Scoring Grid examples for each Effort Tracker category • Landscape docLandscape pdfPortrait docPortrait pdf
4. Cover letter and assignment for passing out access codes doc or pdf
5. Parent/Teacher conference form for passing out access codes doc or pdf
6. Student Survey doc or pdf