About Us

About Us

E4Effort Inc. is a small company located in St. Paul, MN
Effort Tracker was designed and tested by Leon Boler, a Minneapolis middle school science since 1991

The idea for using a hand-held device to equalize student participation opportunities and score student effort came to me in the fall of 2007 when I saw the same hands rise up, once again, to respond to the question posed to the whole class.

The path to take the idea to working app turned out to be a lot longer than I ever would have imagined.  Time was needed to test the idea, write the specs, find app developers (on several occasions) and raise money.  The project has been, for the most part, self-financed.

Effort Tracker and an app called NEXT were launched in September of 2012.

During the late summer and fall of 2013, NEXT was discontinued and Effort Tracker was updated to have two versions: Effort Tracker (free) and Effort Tracker Pro ($9.99 per year).

In January of 2014,  Effort Tracker and Effort Tracker Pro were launched for public use.

Please let other teachers know about Effort Tracker and use the “Contact Us” button to provide any feedback about what you like, what changes you’d like to see, or to report any bugs.  Thank you!!