8 Ways to Motivate Kids in the Classroom

student coloring

Learning can be fun and effective!

The truth of the matter is that no classroom should lack motivational armors, as children can easily get bored and impatient due to the usual daily routine that is involved within the school system. Students need a boost, every now and then, of some sort to get back on track and feel motivated in learning more and more every day of the school year.


In a classroom, there should be fun rules such as if everybody arrives on time during an assignment that involves scissors or glue, the radio can be turned on. If someone doesn’t arrive on time, there will be no music. Music has the ability of reenergizing the spirit; therefore, it can really come in handy in a classroom where children appeared to be unmotivated.

Fake Money

Every Friday, conducting a quiz of ten questions that relates to everything that the students have learned in that particular week is something that can be very fun for the students. For every correct question, students receive a fake dollar which they can use at the end of the month to purchase prizes which you can personally purchase at the dollar store.


What child doesn’t love stickers? Every time you grade a paper, add either a happy face sticker or a sad face sticker on it. Both stickers motivate children to keep working hard.


If for every time a student reads a book from the classroom shelve, and then writes a summary about it, and then you provide them with whatever points you pasted on the cover of the book, you can really help them in their motivation. The more they read, the more points they will accumulate, which they can spend on prizes at the end of the school year.

Allow the Use of Gel/Colored Pens

Every Friday, allow students to use any color pen they want. When a teacher allows the use of colored pens every now and then, it can really motivate students to partake in classroom discussions as everything will seem more fun.


There are some films that can be very inspirational for students, such as Stand and Deliver. Make sure to let students watch movies such as this one every two to four weeks, as films are able to transform the mentality of children into a more positive one.

Student of the Month

Every month have a certificate ready with a name of a student that was a role model in that particular month. He or she can get a bag full of goodies that contains chocolates, candies, and a pack of pens or pencils.

Let Children Socialize

Form groups of 2 or more students for class projects. When children come together to create something, they do it with much more joy. It is a great way to let children socialize and get motivated.

As you can tell, it can be easier than you think to motivate students. Classrooms don’t have to be boring at all. Follow these 8 helpful tips as much as you can, and you’ll soon see how the mood of your students will change for the better when you are teaching them new things.

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