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With the E4Effort system you can easily compile data on a second metric, student in-class effort, to compare and contrast to each student’s academic grade.

Use E4Effort to:
1) Measure and report student in-class effort
2) Equalize and energize student participation
3) Select students for positive recognition


1) Use the E4Effort system to Measure and Report student in-class Effort

The E4Effort app has four categories to score student effort:

Participation, On-TaskReady, and Behavior. The Participation category is discussed below.  The On-Task category is used to hold students accountable but more importantly – to give students more frequent credit for staying focused.  (The On-Task category can also be used to reduce your correcting workload.)  Ready is used to score whether or not students are on time to class, have brought their supplies, and are quietly listening when you give the signal to start class.  Behavior is used to score student compliance with behavior expectations.

Did you like getting Effort Scores for being on task?
“Yes because it makes you feel like you’re accomplishing something”
“Yes I do like getting Effort Scores because it makes me feel good and when my family sees that they know I am doing good.”

Depending on your grading philosophy, Effort Scores could be:
1) included in your gradebook as a percentage of the student’s overall grade (e.g. under the title “Effort and Classwork’) OR
2) included in your gradebook but given zero weight toward the student’s academic grade

Compare each student’s academic metric to their effort metric


• Student 1 is doing very well, but is she being challenged enough?
• Would Student 2’s academic grade be higher if his in-class effort were higher?
• Student 3 should be proud of her in-class effort, but is she learning the content adequately?  Is this grade an improvement over past grades?  Is she completing all assignments?  Does she know how to prepare for tests? 
• As for Student 4, is he performing similarly in other classes?  If yes, a meeting of all stakeholders is warranted.

When a teacher presses the “Save” button, scores are sent to the E4Effort Server

The server is where Teacher Tables and Student Reports are generated.  Student Reports are available to students and parents using any computing device, including mobile devices.  (An access code is needed to view each individual Student Report page.  “How to deliver access codes to your students” is one of the Help topics available on the Support page.)

homepage flow chart

Sample Teacher Tables

Sample Student Report

2) Use the app’s Participation category to Equalize and Energize student engagement!

The app will select students for you to call on to: answer questions, offer opinions, work problems, read aloud, etc.  Using the app to score the effort each student displays.  Regular and consistent use will diminish the rigidity of the roles that often form in classroom settings.  Students and their peers identifying themselves and others as: willing participants, reluctant participants, or generally checked-out (among other roles).

Did you like the teacher using the Effort app to make sure everyone had a turn to participate?
“Yes I like it t because everyone gets a chance to share what they know”
“Yeah because while everybody is sitting the app is going to pick someone so everybody gets ready and they learn more”

3) Use the Effort app to select students for Positive Recognition 

Use the app’s Recognition category to recognize and reward strong and consistent student effort.  The Recognition category will display student names (randomly) and show the average of their last three scores as a percentage.  If a student’s last three scores are above a minimum set by you AND they have complied with all classroom rules and expectations, they would be eligible to receive an Effort Award and “Effort Shares” either Gold (10 shares), Silver (8 shares), or Bronze (6 shares).

Recognition 321

It is highly recommended that you announce two to three Effort Awards daily, either at the beginning of class (the previous day’s winners) or at the end of the class. To be eligible for an Effort Award, a student must meet expectations in both learning and behavior.  In addition to positive recognition, Effort Award winners receive “Effort Shares” either Gold (10 shares), Silver (8 shares), or Bronze (6 shares).
Optional: Use Effort Shares in a rewards program.  For example, a student could redeem X number of shares for a class or school privilege.

(To obtain a template for printing Effort Awards – click here.)


Did you like having a chance to earn Effort Awards for good class effort and behavior?
“Yes because it gives you more motivation to be a good student.”
“Yes because I tried not to be absent to earn awards.”
“Yes because if I show my parents they will be proud of me.”
“Yes because they make me feel good”


To learn more about E4Effort System go to our Support page.



As mentioned above, the E4Effort app is a web-based app.  The app resides on our servers not on your mobile phone or other computing device.

Web-based apps have both advantages and disadvantages:


1) Setting up classes and students or customizing settings is easy.  Just log on to your account from a laptop or desktop computer.
2) Effort scores are made available for parent and student review instantly.
3) You may use the app on multiple platform types: computers, phones, tablets, iPods, etc.
4) Improvements to the app are immediate, without users needing to download “upgrades”.


1) There are delays when performing functions such as saving scores, changing categories, and changing classes.  Function requests can take from one to twenty seconds but normally are completed in five seconds or less.  Longer delays my occur depending on the strength of your phone or wifi connection.
2) No app to download in either Apples or Android app stores (yet) – all users may sign up for E4Effort through us – click here.

Please use the “Contact Us” button to provide any feedback about what you like, what changes you’d like to see, or to report any bugs.  Thank You!!